Shred of Femininity

Ariana’s debut collection, “Shred of Femininity”, is an homage to the process of making something new out of something that's broken; to rebuild after destruction. The concept of reworking damaged and discarded pieces to make something beautiful is a remark on the ability she has to make something positive regardless of what life has given her.

About The Artist

Current Exhibits

Focus Art Fair: New York (B31)

May 18 through May 21, 2023

Chelsea Industrial, 535-549 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

Showcasing Ariana Slome's multi-media skateboard collection: Shred of Femininity

Visit Ariana at her booth B31, as well as the Artist's Talk at 11:30am on May 19th where she will be discussing the connection between art and nature, and the relation between fantasy and real world issues.

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Past Exhibits

Exhibit A Gallery

Ariana Slome's debut solo exhibit for her multi-media skateboard collection: Shred of Femininity

Los Angeles, CA on April 22 through April 26, 2023